The Tourani Warm Up

House warming was an understatement for Mahesh and Rekha’s new pad in Emirates Hills. The place had an entire bar…lounge……no CLUB attached to the house. The evening started innocently enough, mingling and socializing, and then we were escorted to the “pool bar.”

As cases of bottles popped and shot after shot poured down our throats in true Tourani fashion, the stunning bar became even more electrifying. Throbbing music, a bar especially built to dance on…. it was a party so great you couldn’t remember it the next day.

You haven’t partied until you’ve partied with Mahesh and Rekha. I ADORE them….

The real thing…

Rashmi in C’est Moi

Liza De Luna, can never get enough of her.

Built into all the tables…perfection

McQueen & Kara Ross

Rekha with Sophia Triantafillou and Arnaud Serin

Shab in a delicious Essa

Kate Barry

Marwan & Vesna

Raquel & Helen



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