The Spirit of Giving

Now that the month of THINKING about the needy, and giving to the poor over, we can go back to what we do best..BUYING and TAKING! Even though I donated many thoughtful gifts to my driver, housekeeper,  and dry cleaner, some people really never thought this whole giving thing through. As I was walking through the mall by the charity bin, I saw the following items donated by my fellow fabulous Dubaians to the needy…..

Designer sunglasses…there’s nothing like last seasons shades for working in that hot summer sun.

A nice array of DVDs including a full season of friends…what are those plastic things on the bottom?

Boxed perfume gift sets galore! poor people smell!

Face steamers and hair straighteners….for all that frizz, grit, and grime.

Who needs encyclopedias…last but not least, some intellectual beach reading. In conclusion, when sometimes there’s little light at the end of the tunnel for some folks, its the small comforts in life that can really keep them going…keep on giving Dubai.

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