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Ahlan’s Hot 100 Party

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Ahlan Magazine launched its Hot 100 issue with a sizzling party to highlight its nominees. Consisting of trendsetters, entrepreneurs, activists, and pioneers, the list spotlighted many new faces, a refreshing change, and moi of course! For the entire list, check out AHLAN LIVE, or download the issue on your ipad HERE!

Tala Samman, one of our favorites for the night, takes over the reigns from Mommy…

Wonho and Nina

A fantasy piece by Ezra

Wonka’s glass elevator transporting guests to the chocolate factory

The rooftop at the Meydan Race track and hotel.

All nominees had canvases displayed for all to admire…

Isabelle in a very sultry Essa…

Rekha draped in a sari, does ANYTHING look bad on this woman???

Don’t we all dream of a dress like this, standing on top of a convertible, as this fabulosity flies in the wind leaving all in sheer jealousy and awe? Wait did I just replay a scene from Priscilla Queen of the Desert?


Nominee Saif Zarouni and Danni Blaker. Check his new site YADIG here, a user based guide for all things hot in the region.

Anupa Vara

Nisha Jagtiani and Tariq Edrees

Rania Sahra

Diya Ajit

Faye James

The smoking jacket

Fashion designer Tom Rebl and partner Christian

This woman is clearly way too small to be dancing with this man…

Helen De Oliveira Carvalho

So I’m snapping away and dare I say someone HANDS me!!!  Ok….FIRST of all your paid to look cute and hand those bags out…. SECOND attitude is not in the job description, your name’s not Naomi Campbell, THIRD white flats?

Too hot to trot…

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Billed the most expensive horse race in the world, the Dubai World Cup 2010 also saw the  inauguration of its new glamorously mammoth 3 billion dollar horse race track, hotel, and museum. The winner was Brazillian horse Gloria De Campeao but the venue itself stole the show with performances by Elton John and Santana.

Above is the track under construction, see it in all its glory at:

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