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Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Grazia hosted its 5th annual style awards last week at the Ritz Carlton to toast the local fashion industry. Our blog of course was not nominated…BUT THEN AGAIN, why not give the little people a chance? Fashions, haves, have nots, and must haves were in full force making for delightful night, which of course ended at small after hours at mine. For the full list of winners click HERE.

The new Ritz at DIFC

Liza De Luna in Essa was surreal.

Someone give her a contract

Rosemin Manji wearing Victoria Beckham accessorized with some Henry Holland.

Nisha Jagtiani in Iconic

Ayesha Depala in Ayesha Depala all held up by an amazing set of stems.

Kens Romeo

Best dressed reader Dija Ajit


One for now, one for later.

Don’t you love them?  Butz from Stylemongler and Michael Cinco. Check the post I did on him HERE.


With all the HEAVYWEIGHTS in the room, EVERYONE should ONLY have been eating this…..

and thats what he ate….Grazia really needs to tighten their security on who gets up on stage to pick up these awards…

Ayman Fakoussa

Anoud all tied up in Pucci …

Genius shoe designer Camilla Skovgaard

Alistair Mulhall does Louboutin. Must have….


A LONG awaited and well deserved win….ESSA. Regional Designer of the year.

Lashley Lulu Pulsipher

These people tried to start the after party in the lobby. Bless their little hearts….

ESSA Drops Its Like Its Hot

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

People, line up for fashion MAYHEM! For the first time in 17 years, homegrown international designer ESSA does the unthinkable…SALE! Check out some if his last collections shot backstage HERE. Couture dresses, bags, gowns I could roll in it for days. If you don’t attend fabulously decadent glamorous parties, don’t even bother going…because thats what this stuff is….and then some.   Anyway this 3 day extravaganza is located in the discreet art district of Al-Qouz, where no one will know you paid a dropped 90 percent price for something you will look a billion bucks in. GO or die in regret.

Click below for a location map.


Essa: Backstage & Beyond

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Starving delicious fabulosity! Designer Essa tore up the catwalk with savage prints, devastatingly blinged out crystal embellishments and a ferocious play of colors that only Essa could do…an epitome of glittering Dubai! I died for every second of it. The crowd was hot, from the style kids to the establishment, everyone showed their homage to one the regions design superstars. I’m  not going to mention what most were wearing below because it was Essa, Essa, Essa!

Don’t you want to eat it all up like a big box of chocolates

Mirror mirror….

Prep boys

In waiting…

Aliya Tair

Ken’s passion for  fashion. Its crunch time…

Feel her wrath

Model food

Don’t hate them, be them…

Thats totally our new computer case for the office…

In action

The dressers…

Essa giving a pep talk before the big show…i was so inspired i didn’t want to eat for days, and i’m sure they hadn’t. Total glamazons…


Rami Farook

Raquel Calvelos & filmmaker Abdulla AlKaabi

The front row kids….

Viciously glam…

When I die, bury me in that coat…

Meredith Damouni

Garance Massart-Blum

Save the world

Nisha Jagtiani

Ménage à trois

Blood and sweat….ESSA

Sunny Rahbar

Charlotte VanderHaer Richardson…we love mouthfuls

Nina and Nadine..

Bang bang bong…

Ayaad and Meredith Damouni of Capital D Studio…..what a sexy power couple

Saadia Zahid

Kate Barry

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