Scarfing Hermes

Following London, Paris, Tokyo, and New York, Hermes launched its new campaign “I love my scarf” in Cuadro Gallery. With two photobooths where you could model your own scarf, or you were given one, hot tracks spinning, carb infested sweets with champagne, a photo exhibition, and happy orange people ready to scarf, the party was a delicious good time….J’adore Lina Alsamman

Patchoulee Chagger & Babak Golkar try it on

Miriam Adainy¬† CLICK TO KEEP VIEWINGThere were alot of skinny people there…Obsessed with the shoulder piece..she designs them!

Fitri Hay in an Hermes like Versace…

One of our favorite superficialites Puspa Portier

Ring leader Bashar Al Shroogi

Haya and Sama Abu Khadra..kinda liking double trouble after I ran into their “agent”

Miu Miu, don’t you want just dip it in milk and eat it…

one more…because I can.

and of course the scarfs…

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