May 01, 2011

Where’s the Glamour?

Can someone PLEASE tell me what happened to Dubai Fashion Week??? The line up was great, the catwalks were average, but the venue and setup?? I walked into the place and it was like a horrible trade show gone wrong. There where strange booths selling arts and crafts and the whole place was lit by……………..FLUORESCENT LIGHTING. I looked down the isle and was caught off guard, Mercedes Benz is sponsoring Dubai Fashion Week? How Bryant Park…..

Upon closer inspection….

Then I saw the second sponsors…blow dryers! Enough was enough….I quickly walked to the HSY show(in the next post), the only show I attended, which by the way was amazing as usual. As for Dubai Fashion Week, it needs SERIOUS peroxide. Especially since RUMOR has it, a very BIG contender will be entering the scene this fall….

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