Chanel Superwoman

DIE! Can’t you see yourself in that beige Chanel catsuit on a  vintage Ducati racing through the sands of Dubai? A MUST HAVE…teaser from the  the new video being released with Keira Knightley in full next week…

Saks 5th Avenue

Saks 5th Avenue in conjunction with Image Nation hosted there most fabulous runway show yet right under the gates of DIFC. For highlights of the red carpet, check out the RVN website. With a great ambiance, we chatted, we laughed, we cried, we danced..then passed out in the private room at Zuma….

Under the gates…

Don’t hate yourself because you weren’t there…

The gloves!! I’m getting mine custom made… Sara Madani of Rouge Couture

Roula Ghalayini of Poupee Couture

Linda Chikhi

Flashing lights…

A model life in Dubai really needs to hit a shorter expiry date

Khalid and Dannie

7 deadly sins…


the Kattans!

Nallet Guillaume

Metallic fingering

The Damouni’s and Dana Adjina

Raza Beig and friend..

Minna Joseph

JET SET: NYC According to Richard Christiansen

Wallpaper Magazine’s City Short series takes us through Chandelier Creative owner Richard Christiansen’s  perfect day in NYC , documenting all his favorite spots with a sneak peek at his eccentric Soho office.



Last week was absolute DEBOUCH! I think I slept 9 hours.. the WHOLE WEEK. In between the parties, yachts, and after after parties, I feel an itch in my liver and a tickle in my kidneys. Its total detox and diet time…. I’ve locked my self up in the house for three days and stuffed my fridge from the organic supermarket. I see the glittery gold bottles of champagne behind the wheat bread and heads of lettuce I plan on eating. I’VE BEEN PACING BACK AND FORTH STARING AT THE CEILING NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF. GO OUT? I CANT DRINK…STAY HOME AND SLEEP AGAIN, AT THE POTENTIAL RISK OF GETTING FAT? This is all so confusing. What do regular people do all day???

MUST HAVE: Vicious Shade

I know they’re a bit Rihanna last year, and a bit Beyonce a year before that but I still want them….

CHIC CHIC CHIC: Haider Ackermann

I shouldn’t really call him a rising star as he is about to explode as a style supernova….Check out this interview discussing the woman he designs for and how he feels about Karl Lagerfeld calling him the heir to take over at Chanel….


Desert Fish Magazine, the brainchild of Shub Qureshi and fashion photographer Peter Richweisz inaugurated their brand spanking new space with an unforgettable party. There was no pretension, which I don’t mind in Dubai when i just want to let my non-existent hair down. Just pure unadulterated fun, fashion, and rock and roll. One of those parties in a massive warehouse you see in the movies, except in Al-Qouz. A scene only Desert Fish could put together….

Emily Amorello of STRAY THREAD.

Raquel Raquel Raquel

Bandoix Flores Nebria

ESSA does it in pink


A rose by any other name…

Ahmad Gamal


Vesan & Mo

Kooky Bonging it..

TOBY does suits!

Disco balls in toilets….

Gold dipped peckers, your nothing without one.

Designer Tom Rebl…Check it now HERE

The industrial district

The after hours…

Mo Habtoor

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