KNOW IT: Michael Cinco Haute Couture does America’s Next Top Model

Lastniteindubai is OBSESSED with Michael Cinco. One of the creme de la creme of the couture Filipino  posse that Dubai has cultivated, Cinco’s pieces are to die for.

Recently featured on America’s Next Top Model (video below), Cinco dresses the competeing models for a shoot with Nigel barker. Tyra was so impressed she has asked Cinco to work on 5 looks for her upcoming book….Here are a few photos from his studio…

MOVE b**ches…this is what I’m wearing to the races…

Shutting it down on all levels..

GENIUS GENIUS safety pin work…

At .59 seconds….DON’T YOU LOVE HIM? Click MICHAEL CINCO’s website for more, and catch him before he’s way to famous to talk to YOU.

Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011

The world lost one of its last truly classic Hollywood stars today at the age of 79. An unforgettable woman, and legendary movie star, she was an advocate for many humanitarian causes, and an adamant supporter of AIDS research helping to start up amfAR as well as  her own organization, The Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation .  A WO MANIZER in her own right, She was an empowered woman marrying 7 times. She knew what she wanted and didn’t care….and we all LOVED her for it. Her presence will be missed.

Didn’t you love this???

UP & COMING: Joji Kojima

This is absolutely kind of  HOT….I almost died and went into fashion spasms as I saw THESE! Twenty-five year old accessory designer Joji Kojimaha just launched his AW 2011 collection and I WANT EVERY piece…one for each member of my entourage. Obviously not for everyone, just those that can pull it off…

Oooh, perfect for my hairless egyptian cat….so chic. For more click below

Vogue Spain

A little Spanish lesson for you this morning. Super model Anja Rubik is well accompanied in the latest March 2011 cover story of Vogue Spain named “Anja Y Sus Chicos”. Go find yourself a copy, TRUST ME…

How last nite in dubai of her…

Killing it…

The Emperor’s 16

“16 People” is a unique collaboration between The Emperor 1688 and Saks 5th Avenue celebrating 16 of the most inspirational personalities that have influenced the designers’ collection this season. The exhibition  will reveal the limited edition portraits of these individuals photographed by the designers Babak, Farhan, and Haman Golkar as well as a preview of their Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The event takes place at Saks 5th Avenue in Burjuman, this Wednesday March 16th from 7:30-930. The individuals will include: THE JOURNALIST, THE DANCER, THE FIGHTER, THE ACTOR, THE BUYER, THE FATHER, THE SAINT ,THE VISIONARY, THE COMEDIAN, THE COLLECTOR, THE LADY, THE MODEL, THE BLOGGER, THE PRESENTER, THE DJ, and THE PROFESSOR. Make sure to check it out!

Vanity Fair Disses Dubai

I love Vanity Fair but not TODAY. Why you ask, because it has allowed someone to print such a bias and sensationalized article on our beloved glittering Dubai. Yes, one or two points are valid. For the most part, the article is thickly layered with stereo types and gooey unsupported data by a writer that seems to have spent most of his time in a disenchanted taxi lost in a dust storm on its way to the Dubai World Cup. One of the best stories in the article “man arrested for farting near a woman,” I mean really Vanity Fair? LAME LAME LAME.  Second best line in the article “And if you ever wondered what money would look like if it were left to its own devices, it’s Dubai.” …..OBVIOUSLY….don’t hate our glamour. I wouldn’t normally post a link to an article like this…but then again, curiosity killed the cat. Click HERE

Margiela Gets A Woody

Coming up on HARD TIMES? Invest in Maison Martin Margiela’s latest accessories made out of wood from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection.The wallets are one of  several  accessories  available in dark or light wooden colors with matching leather interiors. Get it HERE.

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