From Paris to Dubai

I seriously CAN’T with her anymore…I would rather be caught dead in Carefour buying shoes than to be seen at Ibn Battuta Mall at the Paris Hilton Store. I miss the old Paris that would stumble out of clubs drunk and say dumb and funny things on the red carpet. Now shes just a big fat/skinny corporate machine. BORED with it. We want Nicole Richie…


The Tamara Al Gabbani Launch

So what if her website is full of pictures of herself, she’s HOT….and she can. Sizzling regional designer Tamara Al Gabanni launched her first collection at Prive with a refreshing show. Models walked down stairs to the club and through a super chic crowd seated at tables studded with martinis and mini cupcakes. Drawing from the Grecian goddesses, Gabbani decadently draped her models effortlessly with fabrics and styles fit for any ultra lux party.

Nina in a Tamara dress…






Ahmed and Ahmed…


Mo Asma and some other friend…



Don’t look for for any of these dresses on the racks anytime soon, the entire collection was SOLD OUT before it was even shown…..


Check out illustrator Achraf Amiri’s work as he wreaks horror and havoc with some of our favorite labels….WE LOVE. I’m actually contemplating commissioning him for a self portrait. How deathly chic….

MTV does Dubai IT Girl?

Can someone please CALL me and tell me who THIS is? PLEASE? I just want to let her know that her faux crocodile skin bag under her plastic hangers with her Versace Jeans is faux python. Oh and those watches… the 1990′s just BBM’d me, it wants its wardrobe back. I also want to let her know that Sanctuary is NOT a place to be seen at, let alone throw a “mega” birthday bash at.This thing is painfully comedic, you’ll want to watch every last drop. Its so vulgar I’m beginning to like her. The only thing that redeems this self proclaimed IT girl is her looks….


Grazia hosted its 5th annual style awards last week at the Ritz Carlton to toast the local fashion industry. Our blog of course was not nominated…BUT THEN AGAIN, why not give the little people a chance? Fashions, haves, have nots, and must haves were in full force making for delightful night, which of course ended at small after hours at mine. For the full list of winners click HERE.

The new Ritz at DIFC

Liza De Luna in Essa was surreal.

Someone give her a contract

Rosemin Manji wearing Victoria Beckham accessorized with some Henry Holland.

Nisha Jagtiani in Iconic

Ayesha Depala in Ayesha Depala all held up by an amazing set of stems.

Kens Romeo

Best dressed reader Dija Ajit


One for now, one for later.

Don’t you love them?  Butz from Stylemongler and Michael Cinco. Check the post I did on him HERE.


With all the HEAVYWEIGHTS in the room, EVERYONE should ONLY have been eating this…..

and thats what he ate….Grazia really needs to tighten their security on who gets up on stage to pick up these awards…

Ayman Fakoussa

Anoud all tied up in Pucci …

Genius shoe designer Camilla Skovgaard

Alistair Mulhall does Louboutin. Must have….


A LONG awaited and well deserved win….ESSA. Regional Designer of the year.

Lashley Lulu Pulsipher

These people tried to start the after party in the lobby. Bless their little hearts….

Know It: Anna Dello Russo

Known as one of the top ten most influential people in fashion, Lastniteindubai is OBSESSED with the Anna Dello Russo, fashion director of Vogue Nippon. If you don’t know what that is, go vomit and get thinner.

Her glamour gives me a stomach ache…

Anna in Lanvin haute couture. She is known to do 3-4 changes a day during fashion weeks. OBSESSED.

Shutting it DOWN and getting ready for the French Vogue’s 90th anniversary masked ball.

Anna gives us a tour of her home away from home, the Ritz Carlton, and her EXTENSIVE wardrobe for fashion week. For tips from her on how to pack your ultra lux wardrobe, click here.

Hot Site:

Creator of the regions most popular and internationally read music blog LOFT965, this travelite (a type of travel socialite) launches the ultimate travel site, FLIGHT965. Covering everything from chic to the eclectic, FLIGHT965 offers all for the jaded jet setter. There are play lists for travel, exotic foods to taste, gadgets to play with on your jet, and where exactly to check in.

How convenient is this for those without hired help? The gadget section is one of favorites. Well anything to do with buying something for myself is a favorite.

Karl Lagerfeld’s chocolate room. Creepy? Chic? Creamy? Find out more on FLIGHT965.

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