The Spirit of Giving

Now that the month of THINKING about the needy, and giving to the poor over, we can go back to what we do best..BUYING and TAKING! Even though I donated many thoughtful gifts to my driver, housekeeper,  and dry cleaner, some people really never thought this whole giving thing through. As I was walking through the mall by the charity bin, I saw the following items donated by my fellow fabulous Dubaians to the needy…..

Designer sunglasses…there’s nothing like last seasons shades for working in that hot summer sun.

A nice array of DVDs including a full season of friends…what are those plastic things on the bottom?

Boxed perfume gift sets galore! poor people smell!

Face steamers and hair straighteners….for all that frizz, grit, and grime.

Who needs encyclopedias…last but not least, some intellectual beach reading. In conclusion, when sometimes there’s little light at the end of the tunnel for some folks, its the small comforts in life that can really keep them going…keep on giving Dubai.

COMPETITION TIME: Can you guess H&M’s new designer collaboration?

OMG I kind of have a feeling on who its going to be. And if its going to be this designer ITS GOING TO BE HUGE. I will go into fashion convulsions. H&M has collaborated with the likes of  Lanvin (last year) Stella McCartney, Cavalli, and Viktor & Rolf. The next designer being announced on the 21st of JUNE is anyone’s guess! Anyways , first person to email me the correct designer name will win a free gift from the new designer collection. SEND YOUR GUESS TO INFO@LASTNITEINDUBAI.COM WITH YOUR NAME, CONTACTS,  AND NAME OF DESIGNER. DO IT NOW. Below is last years Lanvin for H&M designer Alber Elbaz discussing how fashion is like fruit…LOVE HIM.


Donatella Versace Interviews Riccardo Tisci

Fashion always needs an injection of youth every now and then to maintain its relevance and with a slew of new and young blood at most major design houses no one has done it better than Givenchy’s Ricardo Tisci.  Shot here by Steven Klein for Interview Magazine

Rabid dogs are SO chic. OBSESSSED with the above. Check out the  question answer session conducted by none other then nose fueled Donatella Versace, where Tisci describes his love of women, his love of — and his love of, well, Donatella. Click HERE for the full article.

Mr.Dubai 2011 Crowned

Ok normally I would NEVER EVER post the below as it will only encourage these people but I thought you should know as fellow Dubaians. Your Mr. Dubai has been crowned. Apparently 19 contestants competed for this lucritive position, with prize money of *drum roll please* ……. 5000 AED (1,300 USD) grand prize. I didn’t bother reading the rest so not sure what else was involved but if your dying to know click HERE.

Check out the poser in the green, he looks like a winner… The contest claimed “20 able bodied Dubai men will strut their stuff for the final round.”

Did you guys even know this was going on?? Some type of final dance off.

Who are these judges? Why didn’t anyone call me.

It was a real NAILBITER, these were the finalists…

photos courtesy of Gulf News

The winner…He wanted world peace and is an aspiring Bollywood actor. Someone definitely lied to the poor guy. As a closing statement I’d like to add this…Dubai is a cosmopolitan metropolis of wealth, fashion, and travel for the region. It is now on the world stage as a destination and a city to be reckoned with. Does the above really make us proud? For more on this story click HERE.

Must Have: Birds of Paradise

So I was perusing through the shelves at Tom Ford in Dubai Mall yesterday…doing the regular… trying on the bow ties, checking out the sun glasses, carrying the crocodile bags and then i saw THESE! I went into shoe convulsions. Made only for a true boss b*tch and no one else. SOMEONE needs to set them free……

Daphne Guinness: FASHION ARMOUR

ADOOOOORE Daphne Guinness! Before there was GAGA, it was Daphne blazing up the scene with eccentric fashions and ankle breaking shoes….here’s her getting ready for the Met Ball in the Barney’s New York window….TRUE GLAMOUR

For an inspiring and intimate  look into Daphne Guinness’s world and her fashion armour, watch this NOW.

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