Capital D Unveils New Space

Sponsored by Absolute, Capital D Studios opened its new ultra chic warehouse space and also celebrated its anniversary in pioneering photography and media in the region. The Damouni’s played perfect hosts to their eclectic fashion crowd….and I of course had an amazing time. Looking forward to great things coming from this space.

Aliya Tair

Nadine in Margiela

Dubai Fashion Week Director Simone Lock

Meredith Damouni

Lina and Mo



Tamara Gabbani

Designer Tahir Sultan

and the clock strikes midnight…

3D Movies the Correct Way

Ten Dirham 3D glasses at the movie theater are SO POOR! Gucci has created a pair of 3D glasses so you won’t have to look like everyone, or in some peoples case, have to look at anyone. Retailing at just under 1000 Dirhams, grab your pair today!

If you havent already…

Duran Duran’s new mega supermodel video “Girl Panic.”  Everyone should watch it at least once so you can feel a little more bad about yourself for aging and not looking this good…

The whole wasted in a hotel is a  bit cliched by now but I still kinda love it. Watch it here:

DURAN DURAN “GIRL PANIC!” VIDEO from Marsorama on Vimeo.


I think I’ve just diagnosed myself…

Zombie Boy Gets Makeover

Whats this concealer!? Because they NEED to pass it out to everyone when the lights go on at 3AM…or maybe even Friday brunch. Zombie Boy, AKA Rick Genest, AKA Nichola Formichetti’s muse for for the relaunch Muglar, AKA the Tatoo boy in Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Video, is the new spokesperson for Dermablend.

Sometimes its whats on the outside the counts…

A behind the scenes and Zombie Boys reaction to his new look.


So excited for this…for the first time ever, Tom Ford opens the doors to his studio and takes us on a behind the scenes look at his life. Oprahs OWN network (do we even get that here???) starts its Visionaires series and gives us a sneak peak at this private creative genius. Here’s the trailer:

If you want more and more and more, click HERE for a few snippets from the documentary.

Click here for more »


Our new section, QUOTE OF THE WEEK will feature thought provoking, inspiring, and sometimes life changing quotes from some of our favorite personalities. Today we start with:


Daphne Guinness

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