Moët & Chandon @ the Rooftop

I’m on a  48 hour champagne diet! Moët & Chandon celebrated cinema for the Dubai Film Festival. I’m not sure how I was delivered home in the morning but the party was hot! The crowd was sexy, great  music, and enough champs for even Linsday Lohan. I woke up in the morning with a black Moet band on my hand with little white writing….it read “BE FABULOUS” and it was.

Manuel Alonso Cloux loves it big of The Philosopher Abdulla Al Kaabi International Film Festival collaboration with House of Glamo and Kenzo. superficialite threat Marjorie, Rekha & Raquel & Shab

Your one and only….’t you love when it randomly rains gold confetti? absolutely gorgeous creature… Idrees my purse

Herve Ledger can’t handle it…

Waiting for the driver for more how do we always end up on a yacht? times, desperate measures…

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