Double Dipping With Liza & Vesna

I got a message from Vesna who had been stuck in India for the last 10 days…her and Liza were celebrating their birthdays together…the theme: PAJAMA/LINGERIE pool party on the BEACH. I think it was time for her to get back home. I was confused, yet I dug out my 70′s Dior robe, silk pajamas, and a box of cigars. The party of course did take place in all its glory, squirt guns and all. It was a wild, wild affair…with most pictures I could never post. Happy birthday Liza and Vesna. de Luna & Vesna Obradovic

Nina does death by chocolate

yes she really does sleep in that…

Kitty Suck


Kiran Daswani

Tshala Amondo

Minna Joseph


Vandana Bhatia

Sanaz Ask

Babak gets his groove back to go home…

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