KNOW IT: Michael Cinco Haute Couture does America’s Next Top Model

Lastniteindubai is OBSESSED with Michael Cinco. One of the creme de la creme of the couture Filipino¬† posse that Dubai has cultivated, Cinco’s pieces are to die for.

Recently featured on America’s Next Top Model (video below), Cinco dresses the competeing models for a shoot with Nigel barker. Tyra was so impressed she has asked Cinco to work on 5 looks for her upcoming book….Here are a few photos from his studio…

MOVE b**ches…this is what I’m wearing to the races…

Shutting it down on all levels..

GENIUS GENIUS safety pin work…

At .59 seconds….DON’T YOU LOVE HIM? Click MICHAEL CINCO’s website for more, and catch him before he’s way to famous to talk to YOU.

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