In the White Sauce

Did I ever mention how much I love Raza Beig? His parties are delicious in every which way… Don’t hate yourself if you’ve never been, actually hate yourself a little bit. Anyway the CEO, as we will now refer to him threw a magical little escapade at his villa on the palm for the former Miss Universe LARA DUTTA and all of her bollywood girlfriends, 12 to be exact. Partying early into the morning, we didn’t end up leaving until the sun was almost coming up over the Atlantis. What a fabulous time, in true CEO fashion. We couldn’t have asked for anything more….

Just waiting to be filled…

Raza Beig and Lara Dutta

Ezra from the house of Ezra

Rekha rolled in Givenchy rolled in chinchilla, could anything be more tasty?

Kal and Xerxes Bhathena

Nina does it Nina style. More from her 6 am karaoke party later…

To the last drop…

ESSA with byKAL pet. Don ‘t you hate to love him….

You don’t even need to talk with those on…just point and signal…

All night burn


Butz of

Minal Bodani

Farah Metha


you know the party is in full swing when…

bow to the mother goddess…

Vidhya and Alia

Minal and Nitin Mirani

Kidnapped pet…

How we love!

don’t hate our glamour, hate yourselves….im in love with Huda and Mona. Check Huda’s blog, which is probably the best beauty blog in the region HudaBeauty

Lara (and this)



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