Last week was absolute DEBOUCH! I think I slept 9 hours.. the WHOLE WEEK. In between the parties, yachts, and after after parties, I feel an itch in my liver and a tickle in my kidneys. Its total detox and diet time…. I’ve locked my self up in the house for three days and stuffed my fridge from the organic supermarket. I see the glittery gold bottles of champagne behind the wheat bread and heads of lettuce I plan on eating. I’VE BEEN PACING BACK AND FORTH STARING AT THE CEILING NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF. GO OUT? I CANT DRINK…STAY HOME AND SLEEP AGAIN, AT THE POTENTIAL RISK OF GETTING FAT? This is all so confusing. What do regular people do all day???

5 Responses to “DETOXIFICATION”

  1. Kash says:

    hmmm……have a good work out , nutritious meals , watch some good movies ( the ones u missed out on, sleep well …. & FACEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKK :o ) . Theres always a time when u need STOP SEEING HUMANS n stay aloof ! IT helps ;)

  2. essa says:

    trainwrecks who stop only go back to their old ways-with more advice is-don’t stop till u drop-that way u will never see the perils of ageing and this could be ur best shot at leaving the party when it’s in full swing.

  3. KB says:

    No! Noooooooooooo get your mooost expensive and newest outfit out (obviously Couture baby) and drink until 6 am go to a shawarma place with the aim of nothing but ending up at the toilet seat!
    Then wear an eye mask and delete all memory collection of misbehaving that’s been done! Stop the guilt trip its Dubai it’s not a soap like ‘Days of our lives’ or ‘knots Landing’ maybe ‘Jersey Shore’ which in that case ur behavior is absolutely appropriate!


  4. LNID says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement…i think. But i seriously need to get through all that lettuce and organic juices before i can reach to the back of my fridge again…

  5. vesper says:

    drink lots of orange jasmine tea.and a tablespoon of red wine vinaigrette

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