Da Diet

So the 48 hour champagne diet didn’t really work…i’m currently bed ridden with constant trips to the bathroom to make out with the toilet. Not chic at all…or is it? There are several parties to attend tonight and hopefully ill manage. Here are a couple tips if your in the same situation and need a quick and easy recovery.

My side table consists of the following:

  1. Lots and lots of MINERAL water
  2. Soup (after everything has cleared)
  3. Remote control (for anything in the room that can be controlled by one finger)
  4. Buzzer for the house keeper
  5. Gaviscon (the best for that nasty alcoholic heart burn)
  6. Jelly Babies (to keep your sugar level up)

Secondly keep everything nice and comfy, and items easily accessible. Make sure to spray your self before leaving the bathroom. I prefer Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather. Its so homely:

Maybe i did lose some kilos. If you see me tonight know i’m not fully functioning.

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  1. Ramzy says:

    No. 3 brings back memories!

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