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Splish Splash S/S 2011

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

If Splash can do one thing, its BRINGING IT ON. After each show, in conjunction with BRAG, they throw down a party like no other in this town…and I love every second of it. From what I can remember anyway. An open bar for like 3000 people all night long, and a “heavenly white” theme promoting peace and love, you couldn’t really ask for anything more…

Eww, is that a bus???


The walk, a relief from the straight and mundane…

Floating creatures…



Long live McQueen

Kate Barry

Tariq in Ezra…

$ $ $

Raquel and Mo

The trendy gentleman Ahmad Daabas 

Beig does it B.I.G

I mean, do they really have anything to say…

Wadih Elnajjar IV

I totally believe…

Kookie SHUT IT DOWN! Posting videos soon….


Click if you’re READY…

There’s nothing wrong with a little self promotion…especially when the picture is this good, and so is my blazer, coutured by Essa

I’ll say it once, and then I’ll say it as many times as I want…I LOVE this woman…superficialite supreme!!! Rekha Tourani


Love for all…

Ami Winehouse in Dubai

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Amy Winehouse didn’t disappoint singing a whole six songs followed by an array of spectacular fireworks. Hey we needed to get some value for those 1000 dirham tickets.The show included everything from sporadic face twitches to Amy trying to pull her finger nails out on stage. She even forgot her own lyrics, what a HOT MESS! We loved every second of it. Photo courtesy of Naz

ESSA Drops Its Like Its Hot

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

People, line up for fashion MAYHEM! For the first time in 17 years, homegrown international designer ESSA does the unthinkable…SALE! Check out some if his last collections shot backstage HERE. Couture dresses, bags, gowns I could roll in it for days. If you don’t attend fabulously decadent glamorous parties, don’t even bother going…because thats what this stuff is….and then some.   Anyway this 3 day extravaganza is located in the discreet art district of Al-Qouz, where no one will know you paid a dropped 90 percent price for something you will look a billion bucks in. GO or die in regret.

Click below for a location map.


Splash 2011 Calendar Launch

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Splash launched its ultra exclusive 2011 Calendar at the Royal Mirage and anything that Spalsh does in collaboration with Brag doesn’t disappoint. The theme was black and white and the event was anything but. The party was a fabulously eccentric with mix of fashionistas and superficialites which was a sniff of fresh air for the new year. The Royal Mirage grew absolutely electric as the night grew on….

Ahmed, Uma, Mr. CEO Raza, & Nina

No you didn’t…

Double your pleasure

Double your fun

Derrek Khan & Jason GarethNisha Jagtiani

Spotted Toby Peace Braclet

Natasha & Dia

Essa does Dsquared

Tareq Edrees 

Miss Barry 


Ezra…you gotta love it!

Manuel & Anthony

I love anyone that can walk out like this….

Stirred not shaken…


The calendar! 

Pearl necklaces for everyone


Lighting It Up Dubai Style

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

For those of you that were indoors, this is what was happening OUTSIDE… Only Dubai can bring it on like this! The old man at the end needs to shutup and stop spoiling everyones fun….video starts at .30 seconds

Puma’s Creative Factory Launch

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

So we were a bit late which means we were just in time. Everyone was already hot and bothered and the place was electric. I absolutely LOVE events by BRAG and as usual they didn’t disappointment. The new to Dubai venue “Loft Space” at the Media One Hotel was used to throw the launch of Puma’s Creative Factory where brand ambassadors from the region were given their own sneakers to design. Check video out here. to Loft Space girl Helen De Carvalho Golkar & DJ Patchoulee

Bong Stone Zahid

Aamna Maani

Minna Joseph Ismail Lia Jashanmal Al Qatami it better just to walk around… Vara

Moët & Chandon @ the Rooftop

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

I’m on a  48 hour champagne diet! Moët & Chandon celebrated cinema for the Dubai Film Festival. I’m not sure how I was delivered home in the morning but the party was hot! The crowd was sexy, great  music, and enough champs for even Linsday Lohan. I woke up in the morning with a black Moet band on my hand with little white writing….it read “BE FABULOUS” and it was.

Manuel Alonso Cloux loves it big of The Philosopher Abdulla Al Kaabi International Film Festival collaboration with House of Glamo and Kenzo. superficialite threat Marjorie, Rekha & Raquel & Shab

Your one and only….’t you love when it randomly rains gold confetti? absolutely gorgeous creature… Idrees my purse

Herve Ledger can’t handle it…

Waiting for the driver for more how do we always end up on a yacht? times, desperate measures…

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