byKAL Does Truly Vintage

We are totally OBSESSED with byKAL Fur designs ‘Truly Vintage’ line. With the cold winter and all, there’s nothing like a nice Bourgeoisian Sable to meet the commoners¬†. I don’t care what anyone says, fur is IN! People please don’t PETA email us…this stuff is ¬†redesigned, chic, and HOT and should I say very affordable? We want ALL of them for our next trip to Gstaad…or maybe just down the street.

Don’t you wanna die in it? A one off Silver Fox, each piece customized individually at byKAL Studio.

A must have for a true Boss B*tch’s closet…

Obviously by appointment only…CONTACT byKAL Design for a full viewing of the limited edition of furs. +97150 919 3409

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