Burnt Out & Recharged

So I haven’t posted in a while, SHOOT ME…..with my own camera. I was just completely bored with everything…too much effort, too much exertion, too much champagne, not enough beautiful people. I had had my fill. I fell to certain depths where I found myself sipping a martini at Armani, a group huddled together even asked me to snap their pix, happy faces, peace signs and all. I looked at at them for about ten seconds, then looked the other way. It was VERY unbecoming. I felt very sorry for them. People please do not EVER ask me to take a group picture.  I went abroad for a couple of weekends, I thumbed through fashion mags while sipping my whiskey on the rocks, I would pass out next to my pool, it was all very rejuvenating. Now Lastniteindubai is back…and probably with a vengeance.

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